Current Work

11/22/17 – After the close of Anne Freak, out cast couldn’t stand to be apart! So we turned to Shakespeare! Along with some other hungry actors ready to join the fun we did 10 different scene from different shows and

Shakespeare Cab Photoperformed them in a local tavern! Performing Shakespeare in a bar was incredible. It was like being at the Globe! Everything was interactive and creating so much meaning to the Elizabethan language. I am so luck I am able to be surrounded by people that want to create our own performance opportunity and share them with my closes friends. I directed two scenes, one from the Tempest, and one from Much Ado.  I was also Canterbury from Henry V.



10/04/17 – Our closing night. It was a very sad night. our cast has grown very close through out sharing this story. This has been by far the best experience  I

Anne Frank Casthave ever had with a cast and crew. Every night there were new moments and discoveries and everyone was there to help each other. I’m going to truly miss see these wonderful people every night!

9/22/17 – We OPEN! I am ready to shard our show with the community! Here to an amazing run!



8/30/17 – Between rehearsals for Anne Frank I was able to squeeze in a chance to make

dust-production-ph.jpgit to set to film for an upcoming student film Dust. This fi ctional story tells of the synthetic humans. It was an early call of 6:00am but it was fun to be in front of a camera after a few months! Our location was this perfectly grimy motel. In the picture I am getting some makeup – touch up on my neck where some special effects are to be added later!


8/18/17 – I am very exited to begin rehearsals for The Diary of Anne Frank through Missouri States Department of Theatre and Dance. Directed by Justin Baldwin. I have been given the opportunity to play Margot, Anne’s older sister.  The show will run September 21st – October 4th. More updates to come! We start Monday 8/21/17!